A short tale of self-signed certificate

Once upon a time there was an infrastructure neighbourhood with high population of services and certificates, called Trusthaven. It was a trusted place serving a city and other neighbourhoods where everyone can transparently discuss, solve problems, and support each other. Every day, many incoming request were supported to build a better economy, supplies, communication, social interactions, and many more.

All residents were happy, and life was so easy until one day when new certificate came. It was a self-signed certificate that Trusthaven never experienced before. What was even more complicated, no one was able to say where the self-signed certificate was coming from. They started to call it Alone because it had no parents and was literally orphan.

Rejection and oath

Root, who was one of the elder citizens of the Trusthaven, was trying to help Alone to be integrated within the community. Alone was assigned to serve a bunch of services in the neighbourhood to help everyone with everyday tasks and build relationship with other certificates and peers. Alone had the opportunity to meet with certificates that have parents, and even some with grandparents, however, it was not always with mutual respect.

Many Alone peers were not willing to accept its presence and were not willing to speak with it. In most cases, Alone was not considered as trusted without the parents, unchained, not fitting in the environment. It was a very hard time for it without a family tree. It was even worse as time went on.

Alone swore to change its current status and find its identity and path to be adopted by a good family. The Root was always supporting Alone in becoming fully mature resident of the Trusthaven and promised to Alone full support to find respected family that will take care of it.

Trusthaven - harbor for everyone

Meeting Lissa

When growing, Alone fell in love with the Lissa. Lissa was from respected family with long tradition in serving international webs connecting different parts of universe. Parents of Lissa were living in the cloud region called Publica. Father of Lissa was responsible to maintain a neighbourhood secrets for over a decade and was one of the most respected authorities in the universe. Lissa’s mother was, on the other hand, very kind and open, always helping other certificates and peers to establish relationship.

It was not easy for Lissa to convince father that Alone is a good party and can be trusted for a long time. Nevertheless, father was willing to think about it. Requirements to become a family member are usually very strict. But Alone was ready to do everything that should be done to prove its commitment.

Journey to know itself

Alone was impatiently waiting for Lissa’s father instructions. Every second was like an age! Finally, it got two tasks to prove its trustworthiness.

The first one, that seemed to be easier, was to prove its strength and agility to maintain consistency, integrity, and security of the family over the time. Although the Trusthaven was quite safe place to live, residents were encountering few times internal and external interventions caused by older and vulnerable services.

Luckily, Alone had support from Lissa and Root. They started to build a house where it was possible to ensure, with high confidence, protection, and safety of all beloved. The walls were from finest metal, perfectly fit to each side and sealed with intrusion detection security monitoring system. It was almost impossible to get inside without noticing it. Before moving in, Alone asked for approval and attestation from Criteris.

But the hardest part was to get enough signatures from the community, which was the second task to prove its trustworthiness and interest of others to join the family. Alone had never used a signature before, it was a new experience.

Root had knowledge of the right tools that are needed for building the signature and also helped Alone to get the computational power to construct signature with required quality and information. Now, it was easy to collect enough signatures.

Publica - headquarter

Family trust

Alone submitted the approval and attestation about the place from Criteris, together with the list of signatures to Lissa’s father, who accurately and with precise started to validate it.

Alone was very nervous waiting for the decision. Father went one by one record and for each of them contacted the respective party that issued the attestation or provided the signature asking for the authenticity. Lissa was assuring Alone that there is nothing to be afraid of and everything will be fine.

Finally, waiting was over! Lissa’s father announced, with the appropriate manners suiting this exceptional situation, that was impressed by the evidence provided and told Alone that it made a good job and proved its commitment to become a member of the Publica family. Alone is no more a self-signed certificate, it has a family.

No one alone anymore

Everything has changed, other peers started to talk with Alone, and Alone started to manage some of the most requested services in the Trusthaven. It became a respectful party in the neighbourhood.

Lissa and Root were very happy about it and interpreting the story about the Alone in other neighbourhoods and cities. They wanted to be sure that the same help will be provided to other certificates that might be in the similar situation. Their efforts came to the attention of the Trusthaven council.

The Trusthaven council were consisting of the most experienced and knowledgable members of the universe. They wanted to make a precaution for the future that no one is alone and asked for help.

Once upon a time, there was a Trusthaven with the resident called CZERTAINLY…

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