CZERTAINLY Documentation

We are constantly improving CZERTAINLY, the open-source platform for easy, secure, and convenient certificate and cryptographic keys lifecycle management.

Documentation is undoubtedly an important part of any solution. And we are happy that the initial documentation for CZERTAINLY is being released!

Where can I find it?

The CZERTAINLY documentation is available at You can also now find the link in the main menu and the documentation is available through the git repositories that contain the links for easy access in case you need any reference.

What it currently contains?

Currently, CZERTAINLY documentation contains information about:

  • The design and concept of the platform that includes architecture, components, and modules
  • Installation steps, instructions on how to setup the database and deploy platform with containers
  • Quick start section containing steps to create your first certificate discovery process or RA Profile service to manage certificates
  • Information on how to get support, ask questions, discuss topics, provide feedback
  • Core and Connector OpenAPI specifications
  • Initial contributors page and information (we are planning to move all contributors related information here in the future)

How to contribute?

The documentation is part of the CZERTAINLY open-source repositories. You are more than welcome to contribute to CZERTAINLY and work with us to increase security and transparency in our digital efforts.

You can find the repository here:

Behind the scenes of CZERTAINLY documentation

CZERTAINLY documentation is built with Docusaurus, a project for building, deploying, and maintaining open-source project websites.

We are using Docusaurus to create and organize documents, with some additional plugins to generate and maintain OpenAPI documentation that is linked together.


Big thanks go to the whole team of Docusaurus, its contributors and all backers and sponsors that made possible to use Docusaurus in open source projects.

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