If you are familiar with EJBCA, one of the popular open-source certification authority, you might be aware that it can support various PKI use-cases, for example issuing web certificate, issuing certificate for ICAO ePassport, as well as issuing IoT certificates.

However, when it comes to the automation, management of the certificate lifecycle, and reporting capabilities, it lacks behind. How to simply resolve missing capabilities, functions, or protocols of EJBCA?

Meet the EJBCA empowered by CZERTAINLY platform!

EJBCA NG Connector

CZERTAINLY platform implements connectors, integrating technologies that provides them with additional capabilities. For EJBCA, Czertainly has something called an EJBCA NG Connector. You can imagine this as EJBCA certification authority on stereoids.

EJBCA NG Connector allows you to automate certificate lifecycle issued by the EJBCA and implements the following providers.

Authority Provider

Authority provider implements connection with the certification authority and certificate management functions. Using the authority provider, you can easily:

  • issue certificates
  • renew certificates
  • revoke certificates

It utilizes the approach of the RA Profiles. The connector provides the pathway for communication with the instances of EJBCA certification authorities. Multiple Authorities can be added using the same connector. Once the authorities are added, RA Profiles will be created.

Discovery Provider

Discovery provider implements interface to search for certificates within a specific technology and sources.

You can apply various search criteria and be informed of any certificate being issued in the EJBCA even if it was not directly provided by the CZERTAINLY.

All platform benefits

And there is more. By connecting EJBCA with CZERTAINLY you can immediately benefit from the platform features. Non-exhaustive list of some are:

  • Protocols and rich REST APIs – when need to utilize protocols for automation like ACME, or include the certificate management in the provisioning tools like Ansible
  • Inventory and visibility on the certificates – complete overview of the certificates under your control, checking its validity and compliance status in time
  • RA Profiles service-based approach – manage your certificates in teams, give access for specific use-case, environments, or departments, do not micromanage each certificate and save your capacity
  • Entity deployment automation – in some cases, you do not want or you can’t use standard protocols. In this case, the entity provider helps you to automate deployment even if you are using proprietary technology

Do not hesitate to learn more how the CZERTAINLY platform can help you!

How to start?

You can find our open-source repositories including the contribution guide here:


You can find the open-source documentation for the CZERTAINLY platform including additional technical contributor information here:


The integration guide for the EJBCA is available here:


You can anytime get in touch with us and community through:

  • contact form on this page
  • discussions in the repositories
  • opening a new issue in the repository

We are looking forward to work with you on the CZERTAINLY platform. Let’s shape the future of the secure and trusted PKI and cryptographic key management together!

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CZERTAINLY is an open-source platform for effective and efficient certificate lifecycle management for companies of any size and individuals. One of its goals is to provide an easy and affordable way to secure digital communication and support information security in more and more connected world.

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