Cryptographic Keys

Agile and future proof encryption management and automation.


Confidentiality of digital communication has become important integral part of secure and reliable solutions. Current trends show that the use of encryption is on the rise within all industries.

CZERTAINLY brings easy and convenient solution to protect our baseline security in every day digital communication by assuring and automating cryptographic keys, certificates, and trust services lifecycle.

CZERTAINLY is designed to protect critical assets and services for customers of any size and type.

Encryption Management (also known as Cryptographic Key Management) is the set of techniques and procedures that support the establishment and maintenance of keying relationships between the authorized parties.

Key management encompasses techniques and procedures that support:

  • initialization of system users within a domain
  • generation, distribution, and installation of keying material
  • controlling the use of keying material
  • update, revocation, and destruction of keying material
  • storage, backup/recovery, and archival of keying material

Service-based approach

Fast integration of use-cases

Abstraction of encryption tasks and agility

Easy maintenance of the encryption

Key problems to be solved

Unmature Key Management

Inadequate tools and understanding of encryption management cause issues.

Security and Compliance

Rapid changes in cryptographic algorithms and evolution of post quantum threat. Adoption of standards.

Costs and Resource

Inconsistent manual management of cryptographic keys becomes expensive.


Future proof, vendor-agnostic approach to management of all keys across the infrastructure.

Agility and Monitoring

Build consistent inventory. Detect and quickly replace non-compliant or deprecated keys.


Automation of the cryptographic key management operations can save thousands of manhours.

Organizations have one of the top challenge in an encryption strategy discovering where data resides
Oragnizations have suffered at least one data breach; half experienced a breach within the past 12 months
Organizations transfer sensitive or confidential data to the cloud whether or not it is encrypted
Organizations use hardware security module (HSM) to protect cryptographic keys

Standards need encryption

How we can help

Monitoring compliance of the key management solution including key types, algorithms, usage, expiration, and other cryptographic key attributes and life cycle

Key management policy and procedures design and implementation according specific requirements and standards like PCI, NIST, ISO

Hardware Security Modules (HSM) integration with infrastructure and applications, HSM secure management from the manufacture to decommissioning

Application cryptography life cycle management and testing, cryptographic architecture using software and hardware based keystores

Cloud based cryptographic key migration and encryption management, including BYOK, KMS, cryptographic key management in public and private clouds

Agile and post quantum cryptography implementation, innovative cryptographic protocols, secure multi party computation (SMPC)



Reduce the risk of incoherent cryptographic keys and encryption


Technology-agnostic, consistent inventory of cryptographic keys


Instant propagation of all the changes on the profiles


Automate key generation, replacement, renewal, monitor environment


Manage cryptographic keys for cloud native applications


Switch conveniently between technologies and achieve vendor neutrality

Security modules

Protection of sensitive data and keys using security modules and various technologies

Typical key management process

Build Inventory

Connect technologies as cryptography providers, including software module, hardware module, or clou-based services that maintains keys. Synchronize information about the cryptographic keys and build consistent inventory.

Create Token Profiles

Every application and user has its own requirements for the encryption management. Prepare token profiles that control who and how can use cryptographic keys. Cryptographic protocols can be enabled for any token profile, if needed.


Implement and automate encryption management. Use with systems where you need to have management of keys and see the overall improvement of the infrastructure on dashboards.

Integrate and Monitor

Integrate with monitoring tools, setup notifications. Monitor infrastructure and update if necessary. Periodically run health checks, synchronization, validation, and maintenance.

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